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Meet Your Financial Wellness Coach


I have a passion for family, community, travel, financial education, and paying kindness forward daily.  As a Certified Financial Social Work Coach and Women's Financial Wellness Coach, I advocate for households to have harmony in several areas of life in order to live a fulfilled life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, and financial - or at least a plan to get back on track when we do fall off. 

I also believe in the importance of cultivating and maintaining a healthy money mindset in order to enjoy total financial wellness. 

I have been working in and around my community providing financial education workshops and one-on-one budget and career coaching for over 17 years, pro bono. 

Throughout my career, I saw many women struggle like I did to balance life, family, career, business, a social life, as well as a budget and cash flow - often having too much month left at the end of the money and dealing with the added financial stress. 

According to, five times more women than men live paycheck to paycheck, without an emergency fund.

More women than men have also reported feeling weighed down by money and stress according to Fidelity Investments’ new Financial Sentiment Survey.

Financial education and wellness strategies, coupled with resources for increasing income, especially in uncertain economic times are necessary to combat these common financial struggles among women and families. Of course proper application is always key!

Here's to your financial wellness!